Life Hacks for Sustainable Living

Life Hacks for Sustainable Living

Life Hacks for Sustainable Living


Green living may seem like a big goal, especially when you are looking at the range of environment-related issues that need to be addressed. But if you think that your small contribution hardly matters, think again! Going green is not just a trend that should be allowed to die down. The path towards sustainability does not have to be complicated. Sometimes, all it takes are the small steps that will get you started.

Invest on energy-efficient products. Make an inventory of your household appliances and lighting. You do not have to make all the changes you may need at once. But investing on one appliance or lighting at a time can go a long way in cutting back your energy usage in the long run.

Evaluate household habits. An important aspect of learning how to go green at home is to reevaluate your habits. You may be used to having water running out of the faucet the whole time you are brushing your teeth. You may also be excessively using water for cleaning and other household activities. Reevaluate how you use resources such as water and electricity and make changes to reduce wastage.

Grow your own food. Even without a big space for an edibles patch or garden, you can still grow some of the food you put on the table. There are many types of vegetables and herbs you can cultivate in containers, which do not require much space.

Buy local. Purchase more locally grown food. Farmers markets are great places to find fresh produce straight from the farm. You can also opt for seasonal local fruits and vegetables instead of buying food products that have traveled thousands of miles to reach you.

Give meatless days a try. Eating less meat is one of the many ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint. You do not have to commit to a vegetarian lifestyle at the get-go. But you can try setting one day every week as a meatless day.

Buy less, reuse, and recycle. Minimizing the number of things you own not only makes it easier to keep your home organized. It is also a great way to avoid clutter. You do not have to throw a lot of things away if you do not have many belongings to begin with. You can also implement recycling and reusing at your home and educate other household members on how to do it.

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