The Fantastic World Of Runescape

Archives : April 29th, 2017

The Fantastic World Of Runescape


Runescape is a fantasy game created by Jagex in the Java and C++ language to have been awarded the most popular MMORPG offering both free and paid accounts. It has been opened for the public since 2002, and has undergone many updates and changes which made it become more famous, and up until now trump the market.


Many popular games have been distributed in the market as to date, but Runescape craze had never stopped since the first time it was introduced to the world.

As of now, the goal of the company is to expand its area up to the Asian and more European countries. Although even with only the regions it manages today, there are more than one billion players in the community of Runescape.

Now, Runescape is a very massive and evolved game that you would not want to miss. If you are a game enthusiast, this is perfect since you can use real life currencies to support your character into leveling up, finishing quests, looting up enemies and more.

What to love about this game is you get to choose your own story line. Unlike other games, it does not offer only one story line for everybody. The game focuses in the realm of Gielinor, divided by kingdoms which you can travel like you can in real life, or even better – with magical teleportation spells!

Players can do quests varied differently in every region of Gielinor. They can earn experiences by doing quests, killing monsters, even in winning combats with other players. Runescape also offers mini games, and allows you to equip and modify your avatar’s appearance based on what is on your mind.

You can say this is a community where you can live the impossible, make a living through trading, and also find friends to put your trust into.

It would be fun if the game would give wings to the avatars in the future to let the players enjoy all the fantasies they ever dreamed about. Runescape is up for bringing light and hope for everyone, so keep it up Jagex. They “recently” added this item called message in a bottle. The message in a bottle Runescape page can be found here.